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Empowering people with appropriate skills to enhance the possibility of securing permanent employment

South Africa’s skills shortage is not just viewed as a crisis on its own but also linked to the challenge of real, sustainable jobs. There are a number of factors that contribute to the skills shortage that is affecting the majority of the labour force including poor school qualifications, little sustained work experience and practice, and hopelessness that a sufficiently paid, secure job is possible. These factors affect many job seekers and build an internal sense of despair and lethargy. This then can lead to social pathologies and a vicious downward sense of well-being or dignity and self-respect is destroyed.

In successful job training programmes in India, they found that having up to 80% of the job training courses being made up of life skills was the key factor for individual success. A sense of self-worth, belonging, and belief that a different future is possible is often seen as ‘soft’ and not important. The opposite is what needs to be the focus, linked to the ‘hard’ skills a person acquires in skills training courses.